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7 ways to dress for a baptism

Baptism or baptism is a religious, social event, usually semi-formal, that is almost always celebrated during daylight hours, which must be attended in an elegant manner, although taking special care not to overdo it.

Dress code

Generally there is no established rule for dressing, however sometimes the dress code is included in certain invitations, which refers to how one should dress for the event.

Be splendid

To baptism dress for mom with style, elegance, and feel comfortable projecting a positive image, it is important that the clothing harmonizes with the age, body, and personality of the person wearing it, in addition to being appropriate for the situation.

Below we present useful suggestions for parents, godparents and guests at this type of celebration.

7 Tips for the best look at a baptism

1 Dressing in half-dress will always be within appropriate parameters. The ideal look is one that is simple and natural-looking while still being attractive.

If there is a dress code specified on the invitation, it is crucial to consider it when choosing your outfit.

2 It is recommended to use light, fresh fabrics, and dresses that allow you to move easily.

The idea is to be very comfortable and safe when holding children in your arms, who often need a little more support during the ceremony.

Romantic style skirts and dresses accompany this type of celebrations extremely well. As for the print, the more moderate ones are always more sober and elegant.

3 Because these are celebrations almost always during daylight hours, they lend themselves to looking colorful, and pastel tones are the ones that best accompany this type of occasion.

Shades of cream, beige, grey, light blue, pink, lilac will look perfect.

Stronger colors look amazing with the right shoes and accessories, especially when worn with neutral-colored clothing.

It is advised to stay away from black for this kind of celebration unless it is a complementary hue.

4 Because it is a religious ceremony, it is important to take into account the lengths and necklines.

The most appropriate thing is to avoid wearing miniskirts, and that the length reaches the knee or 4 cm. above this.

As for necklines, it is appropriate to avoid pronounced necklines, as well as keep your shoulders covered inside the church.

If you wear bare shoulders, you can wear a shawl or jacket during the religious ceremony, and then reveal your shoulders outside the church.

5 Tiaras, necklaces, belts and bags are accessories that will give a more informal touch to the look, which can be ideal for outdoor celebrations, as long as they harmonize with the clothing.

6 Natural makeup will be the best setting for an elegant and sober look, taking into account the schedule.

Nude and pastel tones are best suited to naturally highlight features. It is best to avoid strong colors, even for lips.

7 As an essential touch of harmony, we must wear a hairstyle that matches what we wear.

For this type of celebration, where the focus will be on the baptized, the ideal is to wear a semi-updo, natural and elegant hairstyle.

A certain casualness will soften the formality of the event through looser braids or romantic accessories such as flower tiaras.

For more modern and daring dads and godfathers

Interested in dressing well and harmoniously accompanying mothers and godmothers in an event as special as this, they can play with soft tones and even pastels for mid-tie jackets and pants.

On the other hand, wearing a jacket and omitting the tie will give the ceremony a less formal and stiff feel.

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